5 weirdest weapons of all time

5 weirdest weapons of all time

Weapons are majorly used to injure the opponent while the user is on protection. They are of great varieties and designs ranging from iron claws, meteor hammers, deer antler blands. Some are of brutal metal link whips, miniature sounds, fan edge with razor sharp blands and poison-tipped arrow.


The weirdest weapons of all time include;

  • Three section staff{san-lie-gun}
  • The meteor hammer and rape dart
  • The nunchaku
  • The kusari-gama
  • The tekko-kagi.

After outlining g them, it is now time to take a much closer look at each one of the weirdest weapons one by one. My main objective is definitely to get to enlighten you so that the next time you visit the market to purchase weapons you will actually be able to settle for the best. Let’s start right away.
The three section staff [san-lie-gun]

A three section staff is an Asian weapon which is distinguished by its nature. It’s made of three pieces of ends at the edges. Some times the pieces of wood are not equal but roughly equal to each other. It is used as a long weapon when the three pieces are joined together, the skilled assassin moves it freely the center.

It’s a weird Chinese weapon which is very difficult to master how it works .Its made of a rope which has been tied to weighty hammers or darts at the sides of the rope. The front dart is used for attacking while the other is used for protection purposes. When attacking the opponent the rope will tie around the neck, waist, knees. When the darts are released they hit so hard on the attacked.

The nunchaku-

The nunchaku is a weird Asian weapon. The traditional ones are made of wooden material while the modern ones are made of metal and then connected to cords or chains. The piece is majorly hardwood majorly made from oak. The Chinese ones are rounded while Japanese ones are octagonal. In the traditional system the piece was socked in mud for years where by there was no oxygen to prevent roasting. The weird weapon ism a deadly one for real.

The kusari-gama

The kusari-gama is a weird weapon made from Japanese. It’s scyke-like-gamma. This name originated from an instrument which was being used by farmers’ scyke only that they never used it as a weapon. The truth of the matter is that this weird weapon can be quite destructive in the hands of an assassin or a skilled fighter.

The tekko-kagi

Tekko-kagi is a weird weapon from Asian. Ninjas use the claws to attack their opponents. This type of weapons is majorly made from materials like aluminum, steel, iron and others wood. This weapon is also a very deadly one and also very popular.

We have been able to look at five of the deadliest weapons in the world. However they are not the only deadly weapons. There are actually many more weird weapons that are quite deadly worldwide. The USA has undergone a great metamorphosis come to think of technology. You surely need to take advantage of the great technological advancement in the US and thus as matter of fact get to go online and learn more about the five outlined weapons and many more. With the above short description of the 5 weirdest weapons of all time, I think it is a good point to stop at so that you can research on the rest in the internet. http://www.weirdasianews.com/2007/08/31/weird-asian-martial-arts-weapons/

Learning the Ancient Art: Knife Throwing

Learning the Ancient Art: Knife Throwing

Art is a very precious asset of any time and if we give a view to ancient time then throwing knives are the most interesting act which people were doing for both the purposes. One is for their safety act and other for entertainment too.

It is not just like that to pick the knife and throw it any direction. It is not an art but to throw as well as to pick it in a correct way is an art. Before the invention of knives people use any other device that may be heavy in weight so when knife invented people feel it as a best tool because it was easy to handle and to carry. There are some of the ways to handle the knives.

Easy grip

You should hold the knife in a way that your finger is on the tip and hold it like you hold the hammer and then throw it with the strength. It is easy to grip the knife without having stress and if the knife is much sharp then pick its handle with your fingers and then throw it. If the tip is sharp enough then don’t pick it directly from the tip as it can be harmful for you and if it is not too sharp then touch it from tip but your main focus is on throwing style. Don’t use too much of force because it will result badly so throw it in a relax mode to be successful. Best throwing knives are designed in a way that people don’t hesitate to touch it.

Distance focus;

The matter that counts is distance while throwing knives and it again depends on the nature of knife too. If the knife is sharp and you pick it from the handle then it will firstly goes downward and then again upward so the distance should be at least of 3 meters. If you manage the distance as well as knife then it will be the top throwing action.

Scientific reason;

Knife itself can be dangerous for you if not use properly so before using it your mind should know the motion sequence so that your basic concepts become clear about the throwing knife. When you are near to the target then throw knife as it will reach at its exact location. If we study it in the shade of physics then the movement of hand is not just the movement of hand but it also stress on the shoulder and with both of them the hand leave the knife and obviously it adds the more force for the knife. The force allows the knife to first go towards the ground and then upward.

Art is the gift of nature but in order to become specialist in any particular field you should practice for it. Best throwing knife is also an art that were mostly acted in many years ago. The main focus is to adopt an art by heart so that you will be successful and throwing knives is become positive art for you if you do it in a correct way.

What’s the big deal with getting a custom ar dust cover?

What’s the big deal with getting a custom ar dust cover?

The iconic AR15 has become one of the most popular rifles of modern times.  The expiration of the assault weapons ban in 2004 led to a surge in popularity of the MSR (modern sporting rifle) that culminated with the gun rush of 2012-2013 following the push for new gun control measures.  Why is the AR so popular?  Well, several reasons.


The AR platform is like the Lego play set of the gun world.  Parts are generally interchangeable between manufacturers and accessory makers.  It is easy to swap out factory parts and especially aftermarket parts and upgrades.  Because of the universal compatibility, thousands of companies now make a upgrade parts and replacement parts.  Getting a competition AR has never been easier, just get a new barrel and trigger group and you are good to go.  Rails, grips, stocks – the possibilities are endless, whatever style suits your fancy you can find it in today’s marketplace.  Modern manufacturing processes have found their way into AR parts as well with the popularization of nitride barrel treatment and nickle boron plating on bolt carrier groups.

Easy to Build

AR15's with replacement parts

Sweet AR 15 Parts!

The AR15 is literally a garage gun.  A few boxes of parts, a few youtube videos, and you are literally able to assemble an AR in your garage.  Get yourself an armorer tool and a punch set and you can completely assemble an AR 15 in your garage.  Even better yet, get a drill press, router/mill, and a drilling jig and you can make yourself a “ghost gun” lower receiver in your garage.  Turn a fun weekend project into something you can be proud of and enjoy shooting for years to come.


The bare bones stock AR is surprisingly accurate boasting a usual 1-2 MOA of accuracy (shooting 1-2 inch groups at 100 yards).  Chrome lined barrels will be slightly less accurate, but most people are willing to accept that because of the added corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning that having a chrome lined barrel provides.  However, with nitrided barrels, we are now seeing an increase in corrosion resistance, a reduction of friction of the bullet in the rifling, without the loss of accuracy chrome plating induces, what’s not to like, right?  Another upgrade for accuracy comes with the match grade trigger.  Triggers can easily effect the point of aim if they are not predictable or are too heavy when you pull them.  Several manufacturers build contained single stage triggers, two stage triggers, and match grade triggers.


Because the AR is so popular, it is used in a variety of ways.  This requires the use of different sighting systems.  For close quarters it is hard to beat a holographic sight or a red dot sight.  Something that you can keep both eyes open is a requirement so you can stay on top of your surroundings.  Some red dots and holographic sights offer an option to get a 3x magnifier that quickly removes or flips to the side to give you the quick.   A lot of people go out and put standard 3-9×40 hunting scopes on the top rail.  This can work very well, just make sure you have enough height to get the correct eye relief behind the scope and can still grab the charging handle.

Custom AR Parts

So we have covered a lot of options for standard functional parts and what you need to consider when buying and modifying or building a new AR.  But where is the fun in just that?  Just like everything else, you can increase your satisfaction if you customize it and make it unique to your personality.  Some of the best ways are replacement parts that have been customized.  People like to go this route because if you ever decide to move on and sell your rifle, you can return the rifle to stock configuration again.  However, just the opposite can be said for permanent modification to receivers, it turns an average rifle into a hand me down that you will really have a lot of pride in.  For the easily replaceable parts, nothing really comes close to the charging handle.  It is very easy to replace and certainly stands out.  Next up is the ejection port cover.  Getting a custom ar-15 dust cover can really make your rifle stand out with several different places you can have sayings, graphics, and more engraved on.  It is by far the most popular custom part installed on AR15’s.  Whatever you do make sure to always practice good firearm safety before working on your AR and always have fun!


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